Legal Protection of Reseller in Purchase and Sale Agreements in the Globalization Era


  • Masitah Pohan Muhammadiyah University of North Sumatra
  • Rahmayanti Panca Budi Development University



Resellers, , Buying and Selling Agreements, Globalization Era


The Consumer Protection Law only explains that what is meant by a consumer is the final consumer. This means that consumers in Indonesia are in a condition where they do not understand the rights and obligations that they should know. This condition is caused by a paradigm that arises because not all consumers have the same knowledge and understanding regarding rights and obligations. Buying and selling in the current digital era, especially in Indonesia, continues to grow. As resellers in buying and selling have special characteristics that involve parties across jurisdictions without having to meet physically, legal protection is very much needed for consumers. The purpose of this study is to discuss resellers in sale and purchase agreements and legal protection for resellers in sale and purchase agreements in the era of globalization. The method used is normative legal research with a statutory approach and a conceptual approach that examines resellers in buying and selling in the era of globalization. Legal protection for resellers in sales and purchase agreements in this era of globalization has not been carried out optimally, due to legal arrangements based on Law no. 8 of 1999 concerning Consumer Protection, has not been able to reach reseller protection in the sale and purchase agreement as a whole.