Media Informasi Digital Data Kasus Covid-19 Menggunakan Teknologi Augmented Reality

Studi Kasus Desa Karangasem

  • Roni Hidayat Universitas Majalengka
  • Dadan Zaliluddin Universitas Majalengka
Keywords: Augmented Reality, Covid-19, MDLC


Augmented Reality (AR) technology, information can be displayed in virtual 3D form to actual readers using Augmented Reality (AR) technology, which will later use a Smartphone device, so that it can complete information that has not been contained on the poster through an Augmented Reality (AR) display that will be shown. With this system, it is hoped that it will facilitate the delivery of information on the spread of Covid-19 and remind the public in the Leuwimunding District that the importance of health protocols is to avoid dirt, germs and dangerous diseases. The goal is to find out the results of understanding about Covid-19 and information on Covid-19 case data. The method used is the Multimedia Development Life cycle method. With the Digital Information Media application for Covid-19 Case Data Using Augmented Reality (AR) Technology, it can be introduced more interestingly in finding information on Covid-19 case data and in this augmented reality application there is also a video about the prevention of covid-19 and other materials. material about Coronavirus disease 2019 or called Covid-19.



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